Living Effects is a unique decorative screen and outdoor furniture retailer located in Deer Park, Victoria, a suburb just west of Melbourne.  With showroom displays of our wide variety of decorative screen designs, materials, and methods of installation for both indoors and outdoors,we specialize in helping our customers create beautiful spaces for their homes and businesses.

Decorative screens can be used to solve a variety of problems or simply for their aesthetic appeal.  Outdoor screens made from corten, timber,or metal can be used to create shade, privacy, or added security to your home. Compressed hardwood is the most popular choice for garden screens, as it can endure for years without rotting or warping if properly maintained.  Indoor screens made from Integral PVC,  acrylic, or MDF in addition to those materials used outdoors can be used as wall art, balustrades, splashbacks, or to divide a room.  Choose from over 60 designs, each rated with a sun and visual block-our rating to make it easier for you to choose which ones would work best as privacy screens,  pergola cover, window coverings, or to hide an ugly bin area. Metal decorative screens made from mild steel, aluminium, or ACM can be powder-coated in a variety of colors and finishes, while our timber garden screens come in either a smooth or bark-like surface, and sealed with either a Jarrah or charcoal tinted varnish. Corten is a rust-colored metal that weathers extremely well and is one of the best options for outdoor screens.

Come in to visit our showroom today and let our friendly staff help you create beautiful spaces with laser cut screens.